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During 2016 and 2017 several development initiatives took place to develop online services for project cycle and portfolio management and these will come online in January 2018.

OQSI will post more information on these services following a review of these OSQI recommendation implementations.

These online global services include:

Navatec System is a full implementation of the OQSI recommendations for
  • Project design
  • Project cycle and porfolio management
  • Real Time Audit

Strides is a web-based extension service covering agriculture and renewable natural resources domains with access to an international network of over 1,000 specialists and practitioners covering most essential fields of expertise necessary for effective project design and management. Strides provides training, mentoring and assistance is the design of specific tasks such as experimental and survey design with the objective of maximing effectiveness for the minimum cost.

RTA Systems is a global Real Time Audit System operated by Navatec and this operates seamlessly with Navatec System.

This RTA system is a full implementation of OQSI RTA recommendations