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OQSI recommendation are components of a due diligence approach to project cycle and portfolio management. Due diligence is defined by OQSI as:

"An agreed sequence of information identification and collection and applying specified methods and analyses designed to ensure that all of the factors necessary for effective understanding of a project environment, project design and implementation are taken into account in a transparent manner."

Due diligence procedures represent an important assurance for investors and donors in helping them assess the quality of a project, the likelihood of success in the light of those due diligence components that provide information on design optimisation and risk. Therefore such due diligence procedures are actions that should be a requirement of donors and a professional obligation on the part of those identifying, designing and implementing projects. The first set of OQSI due diligences recommendations are all works in progress as a result of a constant process of refinement based on practice and a gradual improvement in the whole set. Recommendations refer to procedures or sets of procedures with each procedures associated with it a method, defined basis for specification of information requirements and a target dataset and any data analysis or processing.

Our Task Forces oversee bench tests to ensure that all recommendations remain coherence with different aspects of project/investment cycles including:
  • project design methods including simulation
  • IT security
  • datasets, Accumulog entry and access
  • Real Time Audit
Summary contents are being updated to ensure cross procedural coherence. As a result of experience gathered in the deployment and evaluation of the practicality of these recommendations all sections will be updated and reissued during June 2018. The current procedural recommendations under preparation (at bottom of list) and those finalized are as follows:

Short description
OQSI:1 (2017)
Due diligence design procedures (3DP) for projects
OQSI:1 (2017) components
OQSI:1 (2017)
Gaps & needs analysis (distinguishing provisions from processes)
OQSI:1 (2017)
Constraints analysis (methods, specifications, recording)
OQSI:1 (2017)
Creating prioritized feasible needs to fit feasibility envelope
OQSI:1 (2017)
Micro-organizational elements analysis - baseline design
OQSI:1 (2017)
Data Reference Models to build micro-Organizational Elements Analysis
OQSI:1 (2017)
Macro-organizational elements analysis (including any current/relevant development goal analysis)
OQSI:1 (2017)
Data Reference Models to build macro-Organizational Elements Analysis
OQSI:1 (2017)
Modular project/investment design using Transforms
OQSI:1 (2017)
Modular project/investment design: stakeholder components
OQSI:1 (2017)
Modular project/investment design: I/O, processes, costs
OQSI:1 (2017)
Due diligence economic & financial project/investment appraisal procedures
OQSI:1 (2017)
Real Time Audit configurations supporting oversight by overseer category
OQSI:1 (2017)
RTA, Implementation management procedures
OQSI:1 (2017)
Portfolio data warehouse structures and Accumulogs
OQSI:1 (2017)
Integrated portfolio data warehouse structures in Accumulogs

Note: The dates (years) of work progress on the different items above have all been changed back to 2017 so as to coform with the date of the first release of the 3DPs. When the next version is released all date will be changed to conform with the date of the version concerned. The next version is scheduled for release in June/July 2018.